Blackstone Canal District Alliance: Worcester’s Role in the American Industrial Revolution

Welcome to our page! During our project, we worked with the Blackstone Canal District Alliance and Fairfax Films to address the lack of knowledge and focus on Worcester’s industrial achievements. Specifically, we produced a promotional documentary film highlighting the Blackstone Canal as well as the inventions and innovations that came out of Worcester during the 1800’s.

Sponsor Student Researchers Goals and Objectives Executive Summary Final Report and Video

Project Sponsors: Blackstone Canal District Alliance (BCDA) and Fairfax Films


The Blackstone Canal District Alliance is an organization dedicated to the promotion of the canal district in Worcester, Massachusetts. They are currently trying to reopen the Blackstone River Canal, in order to promote business, jobs, and income for Worcester. The Alliance’s president is Worcester native John Giangregorio.


Fairfax Films is a small film production company producing documentary films on the history of Central New England. They have been aiding the Blackstone Canal District Alliance in promoting the reopening of the Blackstone Canal in order to stimulate economic growth in Worcester, Massachusetts. Fairfax Film’s CEO is Scott Fair.

Student Researchers


From left to right: Adam Hanna, Edward Caputo, Jackson Gillenwaters, and Thomas Stanovich

Goals and Objectives

In order to evoke Worcester’s  role in the shaping of American industry, we developed the following objectives:

1) Educate ourselves on Worcester’s unique history

2) Highlight the key aspects of this history, focusing on inventions and innovations

3) Raise awareness of the benefits from the restoration of the Blackstone Canal

4) Present findings through a film production