Crocodile River Music: Promoting Cross-Cultural Acceptance

Project Sponsor: Crocodile River Music

Crocodile River gives
New England a taste of West African Culture,
while also providing opportunities to local artists
from Africa. Check out their website here

Student Researchers

Our IQP team is comprised of: Xavier Hines-Coombs, Dylan Baker-Flynn, Nick Smith, and Thomas Koker.

Our Project

Refugee and immigrant awareness is a worldwide issue that is mirrored
in the United States. Crocodile River Music assists incoming refugees and
immigrants in finding and developing work in a new environment. The
goal of this project was to provide a platform for West African refugees
and immigrants to share their stories and to inspire and empower the
refugee and immigrant community of Worcester. Our intent with this
project was to provide a great resource for Crocodile River Music to
spread cross-cultural acceptance throughout the region and beyond.

Goals and Objectives

1.) Create an index of contacts with African refugees and immigrants allowing Crocodile River to continue our work

2.) Provide a detailed interview process

3.) Conduct and record a series of interviews focusing on the stories of African artists

4.) Conduct and record a series of interviews focusing on the artistic background of African artists

5.) Collect footage of concerts and interviews, with the hopes of eventually creating a mini-documentary

Final Report

Promoting Cross-Cultural Acceptance: The African Artist Initiative