Friendly House: Developing Comprehensive Recommendations to Improve Thermal Comfort

Project Sponsor: Friendly House

Friendly House is a non profit organization that was founded in 1920 with the original intent of helping immigrants acclimate to American life. Since then the organization has expanded to providing services for emergency shelter, food, medical care, day care, after school programs, senior programs, and counseling. Our group is working closely with the homeless shelter located on 87 Elm Street in Worcester, MA.

Elm Street Report     Elm Street Appendix

Student Researchers

Shown from left to right: Jordan Hartley, Michael Montano, Stephen Lauro, Zachary Uglevich, and Nicholas Pacheco,

Goals and Objectives

Goal: Our project will conduct a comprehensive energy evaluation of Friendly House to provide recommendations to improve thermal comfort and reduce energy costs.

Objective 1: Complete a self-energy assessment of Friendly House

Objective 2: Gather feedback from stakeholders to assess the most critical comfort needs at Friendly House.

Objective 3: Compiling solutions and associated costs that will improve thermal comfort and energy efficiency.

Objective 4: Present Friendly House with prioritized recommendations to improve comfort and reduce energy costs.