Habitat for Humanity ReStore: Improving Environmental Conditions

Welcome to our page! During our interactive qualifying project we worked in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity MetroWest/Greater Worcester Area ReStore to identify solutions to the environmental issues within their facility. Our project team provided solutions to Habitat for Humanity to reduce the temperature in the warehouse during the summer.

Sponsor Student Researchers Goals and Objectives Executive Summary Final Report

Project Sponsor: Habitat for Humanity


Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit organization founded in 1976, is supported by their local ReStores. The ReStores  are a retail store dedicated to selling new or gently used furniture, home accessories, and building materials. The only reliable source of revenue for Habitat for Humanity is generated by these Restores. Check out the local Worcester Restore

Student Researchers

Our IQP team is comprised of: Justin Fahie, Robbie Wood, Tommy Larkin, Kyle LeBorgne, and Steven Ruotolo.

2015 D term Habitat

Our Project

The goals of our project was to create a proposal for the Habitat for Humanity ReStore which analyzes various solutions to the temperature issues in the ReStore. Within this proposal we made recommendations based on cost, available contracting from local installers, impact on customers and volunteers, and energy efficiency.

Goals and Objectives

We developed the following objectives to provide Habitat for Humanities Metro West/Greater Worcester ReStore with the best possible recommendations to resolve the environmental conditions:

  1. Interact with and survey customers and volunteers on the current effects of temperature levels within the ReStore during each season and how changes in the store environment would impact their interactions with Habitat for Humanity
  2. Model air volume movement required to effectively condition and circulate air within the facilities
  3. Research, determine, and analyze several potential insulation solutions that will not create moisture vapor issues when combined with the existing insulation and to select the most effective solution for the ReStore
  4. Perform calculations to appropriately size ventilation fans/louvres for installation