Mechanics Hall: Renovation Revival

Sponsor Student Researchers Goal and Objectives Executive Summary Final Report

Project Sponsor: Mechanics Hall

Mechanics Hall is a world-renown concert hall and recording venue build in 1857 by the Worcester County Mechanics Association. Originally constructed as a hall to demonstrate the technological achievements of local Worcester tradesmen, Mechanics Hall has garnered fame around the world as a premier concert venue. More information about Mechanics Hall can be found on their website.

Student Researchers

Our team comprises of Brandon Franks, Christopher Letherbarrow, and Zachary Shaffer.

Goal and Objectives

The scope of our project was to provide Mechanics Hall with technical and community outreach improvements in order to allow Mechanics Hall to continue to be a modern event space that provide enriching and fulfilling event experiences. This includes:
1) Analyze and research current technological systems at Mechanics Hall that are inadequate to the Hall’s standards of a modern concert venue

2) Create a technical plan for updating technological systems at Mechanics Hall in a cost-efficient manner

3) Develop a better understanding of current entertainment habits of youth and young adult audiences; and use this information to provide Mechanics Hall with new ways to better engage this demographic with events at the Hall.