Revealing Worcester’s Hidden Gem: Promoting the East-West Trail

Welcome to the Revealing Worcester’s Hidden Gem Team page! From January to May of 2017 we worked in collaboration with the Park Spirit of Worcester to assess the community’s present awareness of The East-West Trail, Worcester’s first urban hiking trail, spanning 14 miles across 20 unique green spaces.

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The Park Spirit of Worcester Inc. is a nonprofit advocacy group formed during the 1980s to protect, promote, enhance and advocate for Worcester City parks for all individuals to enjoy. They also serve as a fiscal agent for some of the city’s other volunteer groups such as the Friends of Newton Hill and the Green Hill Neighborhood Association. Learn more here!

The Team


(Left to Right)

Steve Gandolfo – Aaron Todd – Stasha Greenalch

The Revealing Worcester’s Hidden Gem Team consisted of four juniors enrolled at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts. Stasha, Aaron, and Steve completed their interactive qualifying project in collaboration with the Park Spirit Of Worcester Inc

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Special Thanks

We would like to thank Park Spirit of Worcester Inc, particularly their president Brittany Legasey and their treasurer Rick Miller for all of their help, our advisors Corey Dehner and Derren Rosbach for their guidance and assistance throughout the course of this project, Jim Monaco of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Academic Technology Center for all of the time and assistance he put into helping us develop the web application, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute for providing us with this unique opportunity.