Project Goal & Objectives

 Our Goal:

To work with the Park Spirit of Worcester Inc. to enhance the overall trail experience for Worcester residents of all ages thereby increasing utilization of the East-West Trail.

Our Objectives:

  1. Asses what Worcester residents want in green spaces
  2. Estimate Worcester residents’ awareness of the East-West Trail
  3. Compile an inventory of points of interest along the East-West Trail
  4. Asses the current conditions of the green spaces that comprise the East-West Trail
  5. Determine the most appropriate technology to enhance trail user’s experience
  6. Develop an interactive electronic mobile experience for trail users
  7. Develop sustainable ways for Park Spirit to successfully market the East-West Trail

The Awareness Campaign

In satisfying our objectives we were able to develop the following components as part of an awareness campaign for the East-West Trail. To learn more about the campaign click here!

  1. Expansion and population of the Park Spirit website
  2. The development of a mobile web application
  3. A trifold brochure
  4. A promotional video advertisement
  5. An annual egg hunt
  6. A flyer for backpack mail
  7. An archive of graphic content for social media and methods of publicizing the trail.