The Team

Aaron Todd

Aaron is from York Maine, pursuing a degree in Business Analytics with a minor in Economics. Aside from academics he is a associate captain on the WPI Varsity Men’s Basketball team, entering his fourth year within the program next year. Interested in  the environmental and communal impacts the utilization of the East-West Trail could have on the city of Worcester.

Steve Gandolfo

Steve is an Aerospace Engineering major from Lynbrook, New York. He is involved in Student Government Association, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, and intramural sports. Being a native New Yorker he has seen the impacts of an urban hiking trail first hand in New York City. He is eager to see how the East-West trail can bring together the various organizations and businesses in Worcester.

Stasha Greenalch

Stasha Greenalch is from Newington, Connecticut, pursuing a Management Engineering degree and is minoring in Entrepreneurship. Being part of the WPI Women’s Basketball team, she excels in group work and is excited to begin work with the Park Spirit organization.