Seven Hills Foundation: Improving Efficiency for Community Outing Planning


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Student Researchers:
John Mastascusa, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Owen Chace, Mathematical Sciences
Brianna Dozier, Management Engineering
Shane Farley, Management Engineering


Sponsor: Seven Hills Foundation
Assistive Technology Program Director, Jean Des Roches
Assistive Technology Specialist, Steven Kessler

Project Goal:
Develop a digital resource that increases efficiency for Seven Hills employees to identify quality field trips for their participants.


  1. Determine necessary and important criteria for Seven Hills community outings and develop an evaluation checklist based on these criteria.
  2. Identify, evaluate, and document venues based on criteria determined in Objective 1
  3. Determine the most feasible resource to organize information about venues in a searchable format
  4. Create webpage, populate it with the information from Objective 3, and obtain feedback
  5. Assess, make necessary changes and provide recommendations for further development of the webpage