Worcester Art Museum – Mobile Website

Abstract: The Worcester Art Museum is looking to involve interpretive technologies within galleries to increase visitor engagement. A mobile website with main features being an interactive map, audio tours, and exhibit viewer was implemented. Following the steps of documenting, interviewing, and prototyping, we were able to achieve the goal of developing a working mobile website. The project was culminated with the mobile website, a promotional video, recommendations, and a set of sustainable documents.


Sponsor – Worcester Art Museum:

Founded in 1896, the Worcester Art Museum’s (WAM) mission is to “connect people, communities, and cultures through the experience of art.” WAM actively pursues this mission by sharing and caring for its distinguished encyclopedic collection, and through special exhibitions and events, innovative programming, university and community partnerships, and art classes and workshops.

Liaison: Jeffrey Forgeng – Curator

The Team:

Team Photo

Pictured above from left to right: Peter Emidy (Electrical and Computer Engineering Major), Sean Gillis (Mechanical Engineering Major), Spencer Herrington (Aerospace Engineering Major), Ty Moquin (Aerospace Engineering Major)

Executive Summary:

Link to Executive Summary

Final Report:

Development of a Mobile Website for the Worcester Art Museum

Project Website:

WAM Mobile: The site our team created

Project Video:


Advisors: Scott Jiusto, Creighton Peet