Worcester Art Museum: Creation of a Green Cafe

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Welcome to the Worcester Art Museum B Term 2013 Interactive Qualifying Project!

Museums are so important to their communities. They share culture, learning and innovation with new audiences every day. The Worcester Art Museum is a staple of the Worcester community and the second largest art museum in New England! Worcester is also home to 12 colleges and universities and the Worcester Art Museum (WAM) is looking to attract this demographic in new and exciting ways.

Throughout this term we will be working with the Worcester Art Museum to discover new ways to increase the museum’s attraction to the 18-21 demographic by interviewing and surveying several populations. We want to know what the current visitors and staff love about the museum and what it has to offer as well as ways that it can improve its strategies to attract visitors. We also want to know how Worcester college students feel about the museum and what would appeal to them!

WAM is looking to utilize our research to understand what components of sustainability they should add into their museum cafe that would appeal to new visitors. WAM has recently expanded their institution’s movement toward sustainability and they look forward to share this movement with their cafe!

Our team consists of Katie Coutu, Industrial Engineering, Tynan MacLeod, Biomedical Engineering/Electrical and Computer Engineering, Tristan Richardson, Biomedical Engineering, and Sam Teatum, Mechanical Engineering.

Stay with us as we update our web page with our research and experiences over the next few months and do not forget to visit the Worcester Art Museum on Salisbury Street. See you there!

Final Report:

Worcester Art Museum: Creation of a Green Café