Renaissance [remastered] Gallery Evaluation: Executive Summary

20150226_110238The Worcester Art Museum’s ultimate goal is to become a cultural focus of New England. To do this they must broaden their clientele to include the local college students. Determining what types of exhibits and their level of interactivity is one of the main issues the museum faces. Exhibits must make core clientele feel comfortable while still engaging new visitors. Different methods of interactivity will also appeal to certain individuals. Surveying the clientele is critical for finding a solution to this issue.

The goal of our museum assessment project was to observe visitors in two galleries, survey the patrons, and analyze the results. The project had two main objectives. The first was to understand the rationale behind Renaissance gallery design. The second objective was to assess current and potential visitors of the current Renaissance galleries. With this information, we created a set of recommendations that adhered to the long-term mission and vision of the Worcester Art Museum. With these, the Worcester Art Museum can create a gallery with the potential to broaden and retain clientele.