A Deeper Look into the Redesign of the Fuller Gallery


Goal and Objectives of the Fuller Gallery Redesign

Our overarching goal for the project is to work closely with the Worcester Historical Museum staff in the continuation of establishing the legacy of the museum as a valuable resource to the local community and connecting with all individuals invested in the history of Worcester. We plan to accomplish this goal through an invigorating redesign of the Worcester Historical Museum’s In Their Shirtsleeves exhibit through the use of interactivity and online databases. Our team plans to collectively focus our efforts on several key objectives to accomplish this goal during our time with the museum. These objectives are as follows:

  1. Develop a digital and accessible database that will allow museum staff and visitors to access the city records of Worcester dating back to 1844.
  2. Develop an interactive and engaging design for the David Clark Full Pressure Flying Suit exhibit that connects to other space related highlights of Worcester’s industrial history such as Robert Goddard and modern rocketry.
  3. Develop a new approach for the steam calliope exhibit that incorporates new technology and sensory interactivity.
  4. Create a detailed and specific “Next Steps” outline for the museum staff to reference in the continued redesign of the exhibit.