FRCSim robotics simulator new for 2015

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WPI, in conjunction with the Open Source Robotics Foundation, has developed a free and open-source 3-D simulation environment available to all FRC teams using C++ and Java.  The FRCsim package is built on top of the Gazebo robotics simulator that has matured under DARPA funding. Using FRCSim, teams can develop and deploy C++ or Java WPILib robot programs to a set of provided robot models that run in a virtual environment with the click of one button.  FRCsim can be used for testing code and gameplay.  The simulated robots have a variety of FRC actuators and sensors (including virtual cameras and most of the existing KoP sensors).  The 2015 playing FRC field and game pieces will be available soon, as well as additional sample robots based on the 2015 competition.  To run the simulator, teams must have a machine running Ubuntu Linux.  One-line installation instructions are provided by WPI here. We are working towards offering a Windows version of the simulation and the ability to import and program your own robot models for next year.

An example of the simulator running with one of the supplied sample programs can be seen here:

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