Welcome to the WROC

The Massachusetts Water Resource Outreach Center (WROC) is a new, theme based WPI project center, focused on water resource protection within Massachusetts.  The WROC is dedicated to assisting Central and Eastern Massachusetts municipalities and watershed associations with their water resource needs through student project collaboration. 


The WROC has numerous community and governmental partners that work with our students and faculty to tackle water issues. Our partners include the the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), the Central Massachusetts Regional Stormwater Coalition, the Statewide Stormwater Coalition, and the Massachusetts Watershed Coalition.


The WROC works with watershed stakeholders on non-advocacy, water resource projects that:

1. Are constituent driven;

2. Are action oriented and of immediate utility;

3. Provide an opportunity for WPI undergraduate students to learn methods for and the importance of protecting water resources;

3. Expand the capacity of MassDEP, watershed associations and coalitions to tackle water resource issues; and

4. Facilitate student education about science, societal impact, policy makers and policy implementers.

If you are interested in  becoming a sponsor: please email WROC Co-Directors: cdehner@wpi.edu and mathisen@wpi.edu.