Stormwater Resources

Warehouses – impacts on watersheds and communities

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Stormwater Data Management:

Guidance document for Coordinating GIS Data between municipalities and MassDOT (April 2021)

       WROC SWMAPS Guidance Document for CMRSWC

Stormwater Costs Management:

Guidance Document for managing stormwater costs to meet NPDES requirements (April 2021)

        WROC SWCOSTs D21 Project Infographic (1)

Stormwater Costs Brochure – Overview of CMRSWC Survey/Case Study Results (April 2020)


Stormwater Education:

Stormwater curricula for Central Massachusetts 5th-graders


Fifth grade watershed unit for fifth graders (Developed by 2019 SW Education Team)


Watersheds and Water Quality

Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs)

HAB Outreach Material