2014.Bterm.dep stormwater

Stormwater management is an enormous task involving mapping, monitoring, cleaning and preventing harmful discharges into sometimes hundreds of outfalls and catch basins. Often, even the most well-intentioned municipalities are resource strapped and/or lack the technical expertise or equipment to effectively manage stormwater for the protection of surface water resources and aquatic environments.

Consequently, using the WPI Projects Program as a starting point, we created the WROC to allow WPI student project groups to offer research and on-the-ground assistance to these municipalities.

Projects might include:

  • assessment of the costs and benefits of different stormwater management approaches in a specific scenario;
  • development of educational material and training programs on how to minimize the impact of stormwater runoff;
  • development of a database to track and prioritize catch basins and
  • assistance in compliance with the new MS4 (municipal separate storm sewer) guidelines.

For specific project examples, please see the projects pages.