Projects by Term

Spring 2023

D23 – Bylaws to Mitigate the Impacts of PFAS on Private Water Wells (DEP)

D23 – Prioritizing Culvert Replacement for Watershed Protection (Blackstone Collab.)

D23 – Increasing Awareness of Careers Related to Green Infrastructure (CMRSWC)

D23 – Mitigating Impacts of Warehouses on Watersheds (NRWA)

Spring 2022

Spring 2021

Integrating Data between communities and state agencies

Managing Stormwater Costs to Meet NPDES Requirements

Spring 2020

Managing Stormwater Costs – MA DEP and MA Stormwater Coalition

Promoting STEM Education on Watersheds & Stormwater in MA – MA DEP and MA Stormwater Coalition

Reducing water use at WPI  – WPI Facilities and Office of Sustainability

Management Strategies for Harmful Algal Blooms in Worcester – City of Worcester

Spring 2019

Spring 2017

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