Three Part Webinar in Single-Use & Scale-Up Best Practices

Three Part Webinar in Single-Use & Scale-Up Best Practices

Tracking Single-Use & Scale-Up Best Practices is a three part on demand webinar series for those in the biopharmaceutical industry interested in having an overview of current best practices for scale-up and production using microbial, insect and mammalian cell culture systems. Three biotechnology experts will provide you with insight into the state-of-the-art process of biopharmaceutical production, covering three different topics relevant to today’s biopharmaceutical production processes. The industry experts are:

  • Geoffrey Hodge, Senior Vice President of Operations at Unum Therapeutics
  • Kevin Lauziere, a consultant working with The Quantic Group, Ltd. And 27 years in the industry
  • Kamal Rachid, PhD, Director of the BETC and over 30 years academic experience in research and biotechnology

The presenters use relevant examples, and focus on what matters within their topic to provide the best overview of their subject.  As subject matter experts, you will learn from those who have used the processes and practices first hand.  All three of the presenters have worked in the industry for over 25 years, and understand the challenges faced within bioprocessing production. As well, they have seen the advancement in technology, and science to provide you with insight into why trends are moving in the direction we see today.

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In the first installment, presenter Geoff Hodge, will cover the topic: Tracking Single-use: An introduction to Single-Use Manufacturing Systems including a Survey of Technology, New Developments, and Economic and Operational Issues.  Single-use disposable bioprocessing has gained rapid recognition in the industry for its reduced contamination rates, enhanced production throughput, and decreased overall operation costs.  With the rapid growth in this type of bioprocessing, attention has been given to the processes resulting in a fully-integrated single-use disposable bioprocessing platforms and systems. In the webinar, you will learn the benefits of disposable bioprocessing systems that incorporate a wide scope of polymeric single-use products.

In the second installment, presenter Kevin Lauziere, covers the topic: An Overview of Biologics Manufacturing Processes and Things to Consider from Development to Commercial Scale. During this presentation, you will get an overview of the stages of manufacturing from vial thaw to the bottling of purified bulk, the importance of process design during development, and the influence on commercial scale operations among other key factors in the biologics manufacturing process.

Lastly, in the third installment, presenter Dr. Kamal Rachid, covers High Level Recombinant Protein Production in Insect Cell Culture.  In this webinar, you will learn about the historic development of insect cell culture, how insect cell culture evolved, how it is being used in the production of vaccines and an overview about Baculuvirus Expression Vector Systems in conjunction with insect cell culture.

As a whole series, the inter-related topics presented in biopharmaceutical production complement each other to give the viewer a greater understanding of the best practices and latest trends in the industry. As an industry professional, the webinar series can help you gain greater understanding of the upstream or downstream process trends and give insight into the cutting edge of innovation in the field.

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