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[Part 1] “Franklin Biologics” Filming

Author: Michael Cohen Pellet Productions, working closely with Bio-Link, is creating an interactive educational training video about a fictional company called “Franklin Biologics”. The project is designed to help students and new employees understand the importance of quality procedures when producing biologic medicines. The production is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation. […]

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Welcome to the WPI BETC blog!

Author: Victoria Lander What is the BETC?  It is where biotechnology professionals gain an edge. It’s an innovative partnership between academia and industry that creates customized workforce development solutions for forward-thinking biotechnology companies across the region and around the world. Whether you’re an employee expanding your skill set or a manager developing your team, the […]

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Who Wants to Work at a CMO?

Author: Victoria Lander Outsourced pharma has been tackling the subject of employment in the biopharma industry, but are there enough graduating students and potential employees in the U.S. to fill the needs of the biopharma industry here? Are these CMOs enticing venues for today’s graduates? “From my experience, students do know the CMOs are out […]

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