Bulk Uploading and Importing

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One of my favorite features in Canvas is actually one of the simplest ones!  Bulk Importing!  If you have folders upon folders of content for your courses stored on your computer, it’s really easy to get it into your Canvas course site.

Importing your content – Method 1

  • In Canvas, go to Account -> Files -> Upload
    • You may also access Files by going to your course site and clicking on Files in the left hand navigation
  • Select the file or files (or folders!) to be imported
  • Make sure it goes into the correct Course Files folder

Importing your content – Method 2

  • In Canvas, go to your course site
  • Open Settings in your course navigation menu (way at the bottom)
  • In the Sidebar, click Import Content into this Course
  • Select your Content Type from the drop down
  • Select Unzip .zip file into folder for content from your computer
  • Fill in the rest of the form fields as applicable
  • Click Import

Distribute the content into your respective Modules or Pages using the Content Selector on the right side when building your course site.

Pro Tip: If you have more than 50 files to upload, consider compressing the files into .zip format.

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