Set up and Getting Started

1) How do I log into Canvas?

Go to https://canvas.wpi.edu and log in with your regular WPI credentials.

2) I’m in! How do I go about getting my course on Canvas?

Blank course shells are already created for you in Canvas.  All that we need from you to do is add your course materials and publish your site!

3) How do I get my old course materials into Canvas?

The myWPI/Blackboard server was retired June 30, 2017.  Please reach out to the ATC at canvashelp@wpi.edu to request any files to be retrieved from the myWPI archives and moved into Canvas.

4) What happened to my stuff that was on myWPI/Blackboard?

The myWPI/Blackboard server was retired June 30, 2017.  Please reach out to the ATC at canvashelp@wpi.edu to request any files to be retrieved from the myWPI archives and moved into Canvas.

5) What happened to my Echo360 lecture capture recordings?

Echo360 lecture recordings were not affected by the switch from Blackboard to Canvas. Please notify echocapture@wpi.edu if you have any questions or issues with your recordings.

6) What can be transferred from Blackboard to Canvas?

The following content will move over from Blackboard to Canvas: Announcements, Assignments, Files, Tests, Surveys, & Pools, Items, Content Folders, Grade Center.  However, please note that a good amount of proofing and organization may be needed after a transfer.  Many faculty prefer starting from scratch when building out a course site in Canvas. Please see our Best Practices for Importing Blackboard Content document for a full write up on optimizing your import from Blackboard to Canvas and what post-import tasks are needed.

7) Who do I contact for training on Canvas?

Contact canvashelp@wpi.edu to request training, or sign up for one of our many group training sessions available.

8) What resources are available online to learn Canvas?

Canvas has fantastic documentation available for multiple learning modalities! If you prefer written step-by-step instructions with screenshots, check out the Guides.  If you prefer short, 2-3 minute videos to learn, check out the video guide.

Canvas also offers 24/7 support for WPI faculty, students, & staff.  Click the Help button in the left hand menu of Canvas to chat, call, or email Canvas tech support any hour of the day!

9) Why aren’t I getting copies of e-mails I’ve sent in Canvas?

You can customize the notifications or alerts you receive from Canvas so that you receive the right amount of communication from Canvas. By clicking on the Profile link in the upper-right corner of the Canvas interface, users can adjust notification preferences–what kinds of activities in Canvas will prompt it to send you messages, and how you prefer to receive those messages.

Canvas gives users the ability to receive a variety of different notifications via email, text message, or other registered services like Twitter and Facebook. You can also set different levels of frequency for each type of notification Canvas offers.  Read this blog post for more information.


Basic Canvas course site editing

1) How do I get a Master site (merge multiple sections or cross-list a course)?

Contact canvashelp@wpi.edu or fill out this form.

2) How do I preview what my students will see in my course site?

To get to the Student Preview area, navigate to your course site and click on Settings in your left-hand course navigation.  In Settings, look on the right hand side and click on the Student Preview button.

3) How do I publish my course site?

From your course site, click on Home in your left-hand course navigation.  Look on the top right hand side to find the Course Status area.  Click on Publish.

4) How do I send email to my class?

From the global navigation menu on the left hand side, click on Inbox.  Click the pencil and paper icon at the top of the page to compose a new message.  Visit this site for more details.