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Android & iOS – Teacher (v. 1.9)

Canvas released an update to the Teacher app on both Android and iOS.

Download the Canvas Teacher app in the Google Play store.
Note: Version 1.9 requires Android 5.0 or later.

Download the Canvas Teacher app in the iTunes store.
Note: Version 1.9 requires iOS 12.0 or later.

Post and Hide Grades

Assignments supports grade posting policies for courses using the New Gradebook. Instructors can open Post Settings by clicking the Visibility icon on the Submissions page or from SpeedGrader. The functionality for posting or hiding grades is the same as posting or hiding grades from Canvas in a web browser. When posting grades, instructors can post grades for all students or to students with graded submissions. Instructors can post grades to students in specific sections. When hiding grades, instructors can hide grades in specific sections.

new functionality- show and hide grades

Context Card Redesign (Android 1.9 update only)

The student context card has been redesigned for improved accessibility and to support grade posting policies. The Grades section displays a student’s total grade before posting and after posting. This section displays for all courses, regardless of Gradebook.

new context card design


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