Cagdas Onal
Dean’s Professor and Arseneault Faculty Fellow
Graduate Program Coordinator
Robotics Engineering
WPI Soft Robotics Lab
My research aims to enable the common use of robots by the general population. Towards this objective, I am interested in building and controlling unconventional, bio-inspired, soft robotic systems and human augmentation devices to push the envelope in robotics research.

Yunus Telliel
Co-coordinator – Public Interest Technology University Network
Assistant Professor
Anthropology and Rhetoric
Humanities and Arts
In my new research, I turn ethnographic lenses towards technologists and examine the ethical implications of their work as designers and maintainers of socio-technical systems.

Jing Xiao

Jing Xiao
Deans’ Excellence Professor
William B. Smith Distinguished Fellow in Robotics Engineering
Department Head ad interim
Robotics Engineering
Adaptive and Intelligent Robotics (AIR) Lab
My research spans robotics, haptics, multi-modal perception, and artificial intelligence, at the intersection of computer science and engineering.

Zhi Jane Li
Assistant Professor
Robotics Engineering
Human-Inspired Robotics (HiRo) Lab
My research bridges the gap between human-robot interaction and human movement science. I am particularly interested in the design of human-robot interfaces and robot autonomy for individual and team nursing robots.

Pratap Rao

Pratap Rao
Associate Professor
Graduate Program Coordinator
Mechanical Engineering
WPI NanoEnergy Lab
My research is aimed at discovering, understanding, and developing advanced materials for a range of applications including solar energy conversion, catalysis, printed electronics, sensors, and functional coatings.

Soussan Djamasbi
Program Director – Innovation with User Experience (IUX) Program
The Business School
User Experience & Decision Making Lab
My research focuses on the use and impact of technology in organizations. I use subjective measures (e.g., surveys), objective measures (e.g., performance on a task), and physiological measures (e.g., heart-rate variability, eye-tracking) to study how people use a technology and thus gain insight into designing more effective and successful systems. 

Wole Soboyejo
Senior Vice President and Provost
Mechanical Engineering
My research focuses on biomaterials and the use of nanoparticles for the detection and treatment of disease, the mechanical properties of materials, and the use of materials science to promote global development. 

Jeanine Skorinko
Associate Professor
Social Science & Policy Studies
Social Psychology Inquiry (SPI) Lab
My research program attempts to understand how factors in our social environment, especially those factors we are unaware of, influence decisions and interpersonal interactions. 

Berk Calli
Assistant Professor
Robotics Engineering
Computer Science
Manipulation and Environmental Robotics Lab (MER Lab)
My research focuses on utilizing robots in sustainability projects (e.g. sorting for recycling) by solving complicated manipulation problems therein.

Loris Fichera
Assistant Professor
Robotics Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Cognitive Medical Technology and Robotics Lab
My research focuses on the application of robotics and machine intelligence to create new lifesaving technologies. Specific focus areas include continuum surgical robots and energy-based surgical instruments.

Carlo Pinciroli
Assistant Professor
Robotics Engineering
Fire Protection Engineering
The focus of my research is designing innovative tools for swarm robotics. I am developing Buzz, a programming language specifically designed for real-world robot swarms. Recent work focuses on human-swarm interaction and multi-robot learning.

Elizabeth Long Lingo
Assistant Professor
The Buisness School
As an ethnographer of work and organizations, Elizabeth is especially interested in the situated and lived experience of everyday work, and inductively analyzes qualitative data to build new theory and unexpected insights.