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Improving Water Quality of Green Hill Park Ponds and Investigating the Feasibility of an Irrigation System Using Pond Water

Project Description

Water pollution in surface water is attributed to stormwater runoff, introducing nutrients and sediment into water bodies. This project researched the historical and current conditions impacting the Green Hill Park Ponds, as well as researched the feasibility of using Pond water to irrigate the adjacent golf course. Samples of the water from both ponds were collected and analyzed. The results helped determine the conditions negatively impacting the ponds and create mitigation strategies, which we recommended to the City of Worcester and the Green Hill Park Coalition. The mitigation strategies we recommended were planting vegetative buffer strips around the perimeter of the main pond, using chemical treatment to reduce algae bloom, and not implementing the irrigation system.

Project Sponsor

Green Hill Park Coalition is a non-profit membership organization established in 2000 to preserve the remaining acreage of Green Hill Park, enhance the park’s natural and cultural resources, and protect the park through a conservation restriction.

Student Researchers

Gabriel Buziba is an Electrical and Computer engineering major who enjoys painting miniature figures and bodybuilding.

Aaron Swann is a Civil engineering major who enjoys swimming, running, lifting, Lego, and model railroading.

Cyril Ogbebor is an Aerospace engineering major who enjoys working out, watching comic videos, and watching documentary videos.

Project Goal and Objectives

Project Goal 1: To research the history and current conditions of the pond to determine the conditions negatively impacting the pond.

Project Goal 1 Objectives:

  • Study the Baseline Water Quality
  • Investigate Pollutants and their Sources
  • Research Mitigation Methods for the Contaminants

Project Goal 2: To determine the feasibility of using the pond water for irrigating the golf course.

Project Goal 2 Objectives:

  • Determine the Volume of the Pond
  • Compare the Incoming and Outgoing Flow of the Pond Water

Final Report and Deliverables

We determined three recommendations for the Green Hill park Coalition:

  1. Planting Vegetative Buffers
  2. Treating the Ponds with Chemicals
  3. Not Using the Pond to Irrigate the Golf Course
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