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Seminar Series: Student Talks

AWM is excited to announce that we will be having our A-term seminar on Wednesday, September 27 from 11 am-12 pm in UH 400.  For this seminar, we will have 3 students (Sarah LaRusso, Camille Williams, and Peiyao Lai) discuss their research and internship experience. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about research and internship projects other math undergraduate and graduate students have worked on. Hope to see you all there!

Here’s more information about the seminar speakers:

Speaker: Sarah LaRusso

Title: Data Science Intern at Boston Scientific

Description: At my internship, I was able to utilize machine learning to predict illness severity of people with Covid-19 to determine if they would need care at a hospital. The process included a preliminary data exploration, followed by statistical analyses, and finally building the model. I will talk about some of the math skills I utilized in the internship as well as my time at Boston Scientific.

Speaker: Peiyao Lai

Title: The Convergence Rate Of The Equilibrium Measure For The LQG Mean Field Game With A Common Noise

Description: We study the convergence rate (Here is the result: O(N^{−1/2})) of the N-player LQG game with common noise towards its asymptotic Mean Field Game by an explicit coupling of the optimal trajectory of the N-player game and the Mean Field Game counterpart.

Speaker: Camille Williams

Title: Characterization of Microwave Plasma in Electromagnetic Modeling for Processing Applications.

Description: Based on the Lorentz-Drude model of materials under an induced electromagnetic field, microwave plasma is characterized for electromagnetic modeling with the FDTD technique. Inputs include electrical conductivity, the frequency of electron collisions, and the frequency of the plasma. An illustrative simulation mimics well-known behavior of an EM field in the presence of plasma.

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