Seminar Speaker 2018-19

We were so lucky to have some incredible seminar speakers this academic year!

Fall 2018

Dr. Daniela Calvetti (Case Western Reserve University)

Our first speaker of the term was Dr. Daniela Calvetti. Here, she talked about “Inverse Problems, The Brain and My Mathematical Journey”.

Dr. Sarah Spence Adams (Olin College)

Next we had Dr. Sarah Spence Adams from Olin College. She gave “A Discussion and Mini-Workshop on Charting Your Professional Career”.

Spring 2019

Clara Vu (VEO Robotics) — Wednesday, February 20

Starting off the spring semester we had Clara Vu who is the Co-Founder the VP of Engineering for VEO Robotics! Here she talked about her “Accidental Career in Robotics!”

Dr. Catherine Buell (Fitchburg State University) — Monday, April 8

Lastly for the 2018-19 year we had Dr. Catherine Buell from Fitchberg State University! Her talk was on “From Algebra to Ethics: Finding Meaningful Work and Navigating Academia.”