Personal and Professional Development Series 2021-22

This series was put on thanks to the hard working AWM exec and with the support of a Women’s Impact Network (WIN) grant.

Fall 2021

Resume & CV Workshop (A-term 2021)

We will have a resume feedback session where a peer advisor will give quick pointers about what to look for when critiquing a resume. Then students will swap resumes and review a peer’s resume, giving feedback and advice! This is a great opportunity to get ready to apply for internships and jobs!

Spring 2022

Grad School Panel (C-Term 2022)

This is a great way to learn more about the application process, how to find a program that fits best for you, and more! We will have a group of panelists who will discuss their experiences with graduate school and a short introduction from Dr. Olson, a WPI professor and department head of the mathematical sciences department. Make sure to check out the flyer for more information.