Seminar Speakers 2020-21

Fall 2020

Dr. Lucia Carichino (A-term 2020)

First will be had Dr. Lucia Carichino from Rochester Institute of Technology. She will be talking to us about her journey in mathematical biology. 

Dr. Margaret Callahan (B-Term 2020)

Next we were joined by Dr. Margaret Callahan, a conflict analyst for the US Department of State: Bureau of Conflict & Stabilization Operations. She will be speaking to us about “Quantitative Approaches to Global Conflict Analysis”

Spring 2021

Dr. Tracy Stepien (C-term 2021)

To start off the new year we had Dr. Tracy Stepien from the University of Florida will be coming to speak to us about “Using Mathematics to Understand Cancer and the Growth and Treatment of Tumors”.

Dr. Francesca Bernardi (D-term 2021)

our final seminar speaker of the 2020-21 school year will be Dr. Francesca Bernardi from our very own Worcester Polytechnic Institute! Here she will be talking about “From Italy to WPI: Story of a PhD”. Can’t wait for another year of wonderful speakers!