BattleCry@WPI began in 2000 as an off-season FRC competition for teams that wished to have one more time to play with their robots.  With 26 teams the first year, BattleCry@WPI began to set the bar high for future events by attracting a highly competitive field of robots and enthusiastic team members, and putting on a show that rivaled regional competitions.

As Battlecry@WPI has developed over the years, the number of competitors has grown to 54 teams with many more each year just waiting to get in.  Some top-notch volunteers and many sleepless nights have created what has been touted as “the best off-season event in FIRST“.  Over two days, teams enjoy a regional-caliber audio visual experience while they compete in matches, enjoy a team social, and vie for a number of awards with some of the most elite robots in the game.

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