BC10 Match Results

BattleCry SITREP 4, dtg 18 May 09/2300Z

“Truce Declared!…”

  1. Dinner break on day one began with the BBQ and finished with the “Pilot Skills Challenge” mini-robot Special Operations contest. Many of the Challenger teams fielded competitors for this challenge. Amid the carnage of 6 mini-robots simultaneously trying to navigate around Lunacy trailers while slipping on the regolith, a Team 1100 driver prevailed.
  2. The lunch break contest on day two saw 40+ Challenger teams attempt the “Air Superiority” contest. Payload Specialists had 15 seconds to toss up to ten orbit balls into a trailer 12-ft away.  After a large single ball shoot-off with all teams tied at six balls, the final six competitors were determined and rookie team 2713 prevailed, hitting 9 out of 10 balls!
    1. After 2 days and 56 qualifying skirmishes, the challengers had settled into the following seeded order (for details see https://www.wpi.edu/News/Events/BattleCry/rankings.html):

      1. 40 – Checkmate
      2. 121 – Rhode Warriors
      3. 2648 – Infinite Loop
      4. 1153 – Robo-Rebels
      5. 1468 – Hicksville J-Birds
      6. 238 – Cruisin Crusaders
      7. 20 – The Rocketeers
      8. 529 – The Mansfield Hornets
      9. 562 – SPARK – Students Pursuing Applied Robotics Knowledge
      10. 1729 – Plan B
      11. 1073 – The Force Team
      12. 467 – Duct Tape Bandits
      13. “2589” – 126 x 2
      14. 1519 – Mechanical Mayhe
      15. 131 – C.H.A.O.S.
      16. 839 – Rosie Robotics
      17. 190 – Gompei and the H.E.R.D.
      18. 228 – Team “Gus”
      19. 195 – Cyber Knights
      20. 175 – Buzz Robotics
      21. 1991 – Dragons
      22. 2523 – Lab Rats
      23. 271 – Mechanical Marauders
      24. 2104 – The Colonels
      25. 2713 – iRaiders
      26. 126 – Gael Force
      27. 88 – TJ(Squared)
      28. 2342 – Team Phoenix
      29. 181 – Birds Of Prey
      30. 172 – Northern Force
      31. 1058 – PVC Pirates
      32. 1660 – Harlem Knights
      33. 263 – Sachem Aftershock
      34. 173 – R.A.G.E. (Robotics & Gadget Engineering)
      35. 176 – Aces High
      36. 1100 – The T-Hawks
      37. 2079 – ALARM
      38. 571 – Team Paragon
      39. 230 – Gaelhawks
      40. 2423 – The KWARQS
      41. 125 – NU-TRONS
      42. 2262 – Hoppin Pantherz
      43. 1735 – Green Reapers
      44. 166 – Chop Shop
      45. 809 – The TechnoWizards
      46. 2168 – CyberFalcons
      47. 1474 – Titans
      48. 1721 – Tidal Force

      Final alliance selections followed with these results:

      • 40, 121, 172
      • 2648, 126, 1660
      • 1153, 190, 2168
      • 1468, 1100, 2423
      • 238, 176, 2079
      • 20, 175, 809
      • 529, 125, 2262
      • 562, 131, 230
      • 1729, 2523, 1058
      • 1073, 571, 1474
      • 467, 228, 173
      • 2589, 1991, 2713
      • 1519, 195, 1721
      • 839, 166, 2342
      • 271, 88, 1735
      • 2104, 181, 263
  3. With all Warriors in the finals, the room lights dimmed, the spot lights came on and the fun began! The finals saw the #1 alliance of 40, 121, and 172 face up against the #3 alliance of 1153, 190, 2168.  Chock full of regional winners, finalists, semi-finalists, and award winners, the final had the makings to be a spectacular one.  After two hard-fought matches, in a climatic moment punctuated by blasts from the BattleCry confetti cannons spewing some 10 pounds of custom BC10 confetti over the entire field, the final outcome was announced:

    VICTORS: Checkmate (40), Rhode Warriors (121), Northern Force (172)
    RUNNERS-UP: Robo-Rebels (1153), Gompei and the HERD (190), CyberFalcons (2168)

    After all teams received their Campaign Medals, the following additional awards were distributed:

    AWESOME OFFENSE (people’s choice): 121
    DOMINATING DEFENSE (people’s choice): 181
    SPECIAL OPERATIONS (Pilot): 1100
    AIR SUPERIORTY (Human Player): 2713
    BEST BATTLECRY (emcee’s choice): 1073
    NONCOMBATANT SERVICE (judge’s award): 1991
    PURPLE HEART (judge’s award): 839
    MEDAL OF HONOR (judge’s award): 529
    GENERAL STAFF – Paul Kane “Preserverance in the Face of Adversity” (judge’s): 20
    GENERAL STAFF – “We’d Like to Hire Them” (judge’s): 467
    GENERAL STAFF –  “Mean Time to Repair” (judge’s): 571
    ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE (judge’s award): 190
    TOP GUN (#1 seed): 40


    BATTLECRY STAR (Special Team Appreciation & Recognition):
    Awarded to Gordon Morrison by members of Team 228 for his outstanding leadership, mentorship, commitment, and enduring support of GUS..
  4. Well done all BattleCry Warriors! WPI, SolidWorks and BAE Systems thank you all for coming to BC10 and are anxious to get your feedback on how to make BC11 even better. Please take a moment to fill out this feedback form.  Teams who do will make themselves eligible to be considered for early bird registration next year! Please send in only one response per team!

BC10 – Game Tweaks

Unless noted below, BC will be played by all appropriate FIRST Lunacy rules. While we will not hold formal inspections, we expect all robots to comply with all FIRST criteria for construction and configuration. While we realize that some teams may have modified their ‘bots for other post season operations, every attempt should be made to restore the robots to inspection condition for BC. Judges and referees will have the final say on all alleged infractions.

If you are new to the game, you may want to check out this year’s game animation, courtesy of FIRST and NASA.

Changes for BC10

  1. <G11> Modification: MOON ROCK Starting Positions – Each TEAM is provided with ten (10) MOON ROCKS prior to the MATCH. The TEAM may place up to ten (10) of the MOON ROCKS in or on the TEAM ROBOT prior to the MATCH. These MOON ROCKS must be completely supported by the ROBOT – they can not be placed on the CRATER floor. The remaining MOON ROCKS are retained by the PAYLOAD SPECIALIST for that TEAM, to be used during the MATCH (containers will be provided at each PAYLOAD SPECIALIST location to temporarily store GAME PIECES).  At the conclusion of AUTONOMOUS MODE, each PAYLOAD SPECIALIST will be provided with a bin of ten (10) additional MOON ROCKS for use during the remainder of the MATCH.
  2. Bonus Circle (“BCX”) Autonomous & End Game Opportunity: There will be four 12 inch diameter circular areas designated on the playing field by “X” marks on the regolith. These BCX’s will be centered 10 feet from each crater side border and 12 feet in front of each alliance base station wall. Robot coverage of a BCX is defined by any portion of the outer “belt line” of the robot (including its bumpers, but not its trailer) overlapping a portion or all of the actual “X” mark.
    • IN AUTONOMOUS: Robots will be awarded four (4) bonus points for covering any part of a BCX at the end of autonomous mode.
    • AT THE END OF THE MATCH: Robots will be awarded bonus points for completely covering the BCX. The end of the match is when time is out and all robots come to a rest on the field. Alliance points distribution is as follows: 4 points for a single BCX, 8 points for two BCXs, and 15 points for three BCXs.
  3. Placebo Robot: The alliance who calls the placebo robot to action will be allowed to provide one pilot and payload specialist ONLY towards the placebo robot. The robot will be a basic 2009 FRC compliant robot with minimal functionality (i.e. a kit bot).  A staff person will be responsible for maintenance during the event although no guarantees on the reliability or functionality will be provided.   The staff will provide a placebo robot to play for teams who:
    • Are not able to be in attendance on Friday.  While teams are expected to attend both days of the competition, we wish to be as fair as possible to alliances who may be partnered with a team unable to attend.  If a robot is missing from both alliances, the match will be played 2 v 2.  Any teams not in attendance Friday will receive the score of their alliance for that match. 
    • Become broken beyond repair or cannot be repaired within a reasonable time during the elimination matches on Saturday.  An alliance may petition the designated event coordinator to use the placebo in place of a broken robot.  The event coordinator will review the condition of the robot and make a determination. 
  4. Elimination Alliance Selection:  At the conclusion of the Skirmishes, the top 16 seeded challengers will pick their alliance partners for the Final Challenge rounds. Normal 2009 FRC selection rules will apply for their first picks, the second pick will be via a random draw from the remaining challengers.
  5. Eighth-final Rounds: Each alliance will play a single match. The alliance that scores the most points in the match will progress to the quarter-finals, which will be the FIRST-style, best 2-of-3 format. Eighth-finals will ONLY go to a 2nd match in the unlikely event of a tie.