Fundamentals of Bioprocessing for Engineers

Bioprocessing Training

UPCOMING PROGRAM DATES:  February 13-16, 2023

A broad understanding of biomanufacturing processes and specialty equipment is essential for robust facility design, start-up and maintenance. Due to the specialized nature of each unit operation however, many employees never develop this broader understanding. WPI’s intensive, four-day Fundamentals of Bioprocessing for Engineers training provides this critical overview of the process, equipment, and general foundational elements of Bioprocessing. Participants will engage in hands-on experiences that lend a deeper understanding of the interplay between the process and the mechanics of the equipment—all within a pilot-scale laboratory setting.

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Program Logistics

  • Program Start: See Training Schedule
  • Registration Deadline: Two weeks prior to program start
  • Time: 8:00am – 4:00pm
  • Location: Biomanufacturing Education & Training Center (BETC) WPI Gateway Park 2, 50 Prescott Street (2nd floor), Worcester MA
  • Cost: $3,900
  • CEU: 2.8
  • There are no academic prerequisites for this program

Benefits of this hands-on training

  • More effective problem solving/troubleshooting
  • Greater appreciation of the maintenance procedures for extremely unique single-use and stainless equipment
  • More efficient communication with operations staff
  • Broad understanding of equipment and material requirements (especially relevant for sales reps)
  • Increased efficiency for job functions involving biomanufacturing equipment

Employers will realize the benefits of:

  • Minimum equipment downtime
  • More consistent production results
  • A more efficient, in-synch workforce
  • Cost and time savings