Canvas Update: March 9, 2019

Filed in Canvas, updates by on March 4, 2019

Every 3 weeks, Canvas releases new features, updates to existing features, and bug fixes to our platform. In this Canvas release, March 9, discussion topics can be searched by author name in addition to title.

In Canvas Commons, when viewing the Resource Details tab in Commons, users can view filtered search results that only display resources from their specific institution, and resource cards display the number of times a resource has been downloaded or imported and the number of times a resource has been favorited. Outcomes can also no longer be added to resources. Additionally, the Rich Content Editor allows instructors to view and import content from their Commons Favorites directly in Canvas.

In Moderated Grading, the Moderated Grading Audit Trail feature option no longer has to be enabled separately. Any user who has permission to view the moderated grading audit log will be able to view it for a moderated assignment at any time.

In New Gradebook, the Final Grade Override column is included in Gradebook CSV export files.

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