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New Gradebook interface

Have you heard? Canvas Gradebook is changing here at WPI on July 3rd.  We’re here to help you get accustomed to the new layout and new functionality so when you’re ready to teach again, it won’t feel new to you anymore!

New Gradebook has all the same functionality as current gradebook – we’re not losing anything that you can currently do. We’re just gaining new features!

Here’s the highlights of what’s changing:

  1. Improved layout and design
  2. Column arrangement and filtering capabilities
  3. Apply detailed statuses to submissions
  4. Late and missing assignment policies (automation)
  5. Student context cards (student course progress)
  6. Ability to override final grade column

What resources are available?


In a previous post entitled New Gradebook Training Videos, we provided a number of short videos on different topics on New Gradebook.

In Person Workshops

We’re also hosting a number of drop-in sessions to give New Gradebook a quick test drive. Come visit us this Summer to try it out on one of these days.

Remote & One-on-One Training

Contact us to get a quick overview via Zoom or an in-person training session if you’re on campus. Want a departmental training? We can accommodate most schedules and can complete a general overview in about 20 minutes! Contact to set up a session.

Written Documentation

If you’re looking for “just in time” training, or prefer to learn by following along with step-by-step instructions, here’s documentation on how to do everything in New Gradebook! Download this PDF of instructions if you prefer.

Organization, Sorting, Filtering Columns

How do I use New Gradebook?

How do I arrange or re-order columns?

How do I filter the columns I can see?

How do I use assignment groups and Total column?

How do I sort and display student names?

How do I show and hide the Notes column?

How do I show and hide the Unpublished Assignments column?

How do I create new columns for in-class assignments and quizzes?

How do I use icons and colors?

How do I use grading statuses?

How do I change status of a submission?

How do I view grading history?

Entering and Editing Grades

How do I enter and edit grades?

How do I get to Speedgrader?

How do I apply a Late Submission Policy?

How do I download all student submissions?

How do I override a student’s final grade?

How do I email a student from gradebook?

How do I view a student’s grades in my course?

Importing and Exporting to Excel

How do I import grades?

How do I export grades?


If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help! E-mail, call ext. 6723 or stop by GL225.

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