Canvas Update – April 18, 2020

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Every month, Canvas releases new features, updates to existing features, and bug fixes to our platform. In this Canvas release (April 18), you may now edit all assignment due dates easily on one page, notifications may be enabled or disabled by course, instructors may limit the amount of submission attempts per assignment, and the manage rubrics button has been moved to a more convenient location.  This month’s release also includes fixed bugs.

Bulk Assignment Due Date Edits

Edit all Due Dates on one page!


Users with large course enrollments can view the More Courses option when composing a new message.

When a user with a large number of enrollments tried to create a conversation and load the list of courses, the user was not able to use the More Courses option until all courses had been loaded in the background.

Mute Notifications By Course

The Mute Notifications by Course feature option displays a notifications button in the Course Home Page and allows users to mute all notifications for the course.

Submission Attempts

The Limited Submission Attempts feature option limits the number of submissions that can be made for a Canvas assignment.

Manage Rubrics button

The Rubrics in Course Navigation feature option moves the Manage Rubrics button from the Outcomes page to the Course Navigation Menu.


For more information on these changes, please see the full release notes.

Canvas now offers weekly COVID-19 Ready Release Notes.

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