Not receiving emails from Canvas?

So many instructors got used to the instant copy of any emails and announcements that were sent from Blackboard that we’ve gotten a few calls and emails asking us to verify whether their posts were being received by students. The answer is yes (yay!)!

By default, email notifications for announcements and conversations (Canvas email) “created by me” (you!) in Canvas are turned off. To turn them on so that you’ll receive a copy, (1) navigate to your Account profile (upper left) when logged in to Canvas > (2) Notifications. Then, (3) click on a notification preference for Announcements Created By You and Conversations Created By Me (we’re not really sure why the pronouns are different here…). An unshaded box means the preference is selected; see key in second screenshot below.

The good news is that the settings for students or anyone else who has access to your course site (e.g. a TA or PLA) are enabled. The notifications are only turned off for anything “created by you/me.”

For more information on Canvas notifications, see this guide.