Get ready for the Game Jam!

It’s time to (game) jam with WPI!

What is a Game Jam?
Game Jams, like hackathons, are when teams gather together to develop a prototype video game around a certain theme or prompt.  Teams often consist of people interested in learning programming, designing, creating art, writing, and performing music and sound.  No experience is necessary to get involved!

Join the inaugural TouchTomorrow Game Jam!

The goal of this Game Jam is to celebrate TouchTomorrow by having participants create a video game concept.  Teams can be collaborative and diverse.  You do not need to even limit yourself to one team!

Does the idea of creating a game seem daunting?  Don’t worry, you only need to create a ‘sample’  game.  It may only have a few minutes of game play, a single level, etc.  Ready to get inspired?  WPI and FIRST hosted a game jam for novices in 2020.  You can check out some of the games created or watch a play-through!


Team registration is now open.

The Game Jam will take place June 6-12, 2021 in conjunction with Touch Tomorrow!