Step 2: Characters and Animation


If you have not already prototyped a game, please visit the Design module before this one.

This module invites you to create a 3D character of your team’s design and visualize how they will interact with the game world. By the end, you should feel confident enough to make any character that you want to include in your game.

To make sure that everyone has something to do, decide or vote on which member of your team works on each character. Most games have a main character, but there might also be characters who ask your main character for help or want to stop your main character from accomplishing their goal. All of them should be animated!

Necessary Tools: MakeHuman (for character creation) and Adobe Mixamo (for animation)

The two videos below provide a walkthrough for using the tools above. Follow along at your own pace within the software, and feel free to go back if you think you missed something. The videos reference specific game engines, but don’t worry about that right now. We’ll introduce you to them in a different training module.

Part 1: Model your Character with MakeHuman


Part 2: Animate your Character with Adobe Mixamo


Different games will require you characters to do different things. Since you have already prototyped your game, you should also have a clear idea of what the characters will need to be able to do. Now is the time to create those animations!

In order to make your animations believable, watch videos of real people performing the same actions that you want your character to perform. Most artists use references like this because they are immensely helpful, and game designers feel the same way.

Need some more direction?

Most characters can be defined with just four animations: Idle*, Walk, Run, and Jump. If you can make your character look good when doing those four things, then you have successfully completed this training module.

* Yes, your character should have an idle animation for just standing around and breathing. Watch videos of real people waiting in a line and you’ll see that nobody stays still!