Below are some frequently asked questions about the Game Jam


I see you have training on certain tools. Am I required to use only these tools to create my game?
No. You can use any tools and resources available to create your game as long as the game can be distributed to the judges and community to play without violating the licensing or terms and conditions of the software used.

Can I use music or art I find on the web in my game?
Any code or art assets must adhere to the creator’s patent or copyright and licensing terms. Generally, this means you cannot use copyrighted works without receiving explicit permission from the copyright holder(s) or give proper attribution if the license requires it (i.e. some but not all Creative Commons licenses).


I am an individual, can I compete on my own or do I need a bigger team?
Teams of one are acceptable. However, developing games takes a lot of diverse skills so we encourage teams with multiple members.

What are the age or other restrictions of team membership?
Our only restriction is that all participants must be 13 or older. Otherwise, we welcome people of any age, experience, or background. This makes it a great opportunity for families or other preexisting groups to enter, and to help broaden the pool of folks available to be on your team.