Rules and Eligibility (TT)

Official Registration is now open.  Every team leader and member of your team must complete the registration form.


  • Be kind.  Be a gracious professional.
  • Keep it focused.
    • The prompt for the Game Jam is …. RETURN
      • Theme Inspiration: Touch Tomorrow began when WPI was selected by NASA to run the Sample Return Robot Centennial Challenge in 2012.  Teams designed robots to collect pre-cached and other samples and return them to a base, simulating how we might retrieve sample from Mars (or other planets) someday in the future!
      • Remember, interpret and implement the prompt however you see fit!  Get creative with everything from your story to game mechanics.
    • As TouchTomorrow focuses on the STEM Education for young students, created content should be age-appropriate and respect the values of WPI.  Inappropriate content, violence, etc, will result it automatic disqualification.


  • A TEAM consists of one or more individuals who are working together to submit a single entry to the Game Jam.
  • You may participate on more than one TEAM.


  • Create the vast majority of the code and art assets specifically for this Game Jam.
  • Use any game engine or programming language you want if it meets all the following criteria:
    • The game can be played by a wide audience without installing any software except for the game. We suggest making your game run as an executable for Windows 10 or run in a web browser.
    • The game can be distributed for the community to play without violating any licensing or terms and conditions of the game engine.
  • Any code or art assets must adhere to the creator’s patent or copyright and licensing terms. Generally, this means you cannot use copyrighted works without receiving explicit permission from the copyright holder(s) or give proper attribution if the license requires it (i.e. some but not all Creative Commons licenses).


All teams are required to submit:


To be eligible to participate on a team: