Writing & Rhetoric Minor

The minor consists of two units of work, distributed in the following way:

1. Core course in Writing and Rhetoric: WR 3112 or equivalent  1/3 unit, or one class

2. Electives in writing and rhetoric (WR). If there is good reason, and with the approval of the Program Review Committee, electives may also include courses in art history, literature (in English or other languages), and philosophy and religion  1-1/3 unit, or four classes

3. Capstone course WR 4111 unless an Independent Study (ISU) substitution is authorized by the student’s program review committee, and will be granted only under unusual circumstances  1/3 unit, or one class

Note: Should students receive permission to complete the capstone with an ISU, then those students should submit and have approved a one-page proposal for their capstone to the Program Review Committee the term before they intend to complete it. No more than 1 unit of course work may be double-counted toward the Humanities and Arts Requirement.

Trying to decide between the WR Minor and the PW Major?