PW MQP Advisors

During their junior or senior year, PW majors must consult with a PW advisor who can advise them on their MQP project. PW faculty specialize in topic areas, which students should consider when selecting an advisor. It is the student’s responsibility to find an advisor who they believe is best positioned to help guide them through their MQP. There is no requirement to select an advisor based on topic area; however, the following table provides a list of PW advisors and their specialties.

Advisor Topic Areas
Esther Boucher Intercultural communication
Jennifer deWinter IMGD, design, intercultural (Asia), feminist theory
Brenton Faber Medical writing, epidemiology
Lorraine Higgins Community literacy, health literacy
Kevin Lewis Technical writing, workplace communication, online content
Ryan Madan Community literacy, education, teaching writing
Yunus Telliel Ethics, risk communication, design, social implications of engineering, cultural translation, rhetoric of science and religion

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