For any major at WPI, students are required to complete an MQP.

If PW is your only major, then you will need to complete 1 MQP (i.e., a 3/3-unit MQP).

If PW is a second major, then you have two options:

  • Two 3/3-unit MQPs, one for each major. In this option, you will need to complete 1 unit for your scientific or technical major and 1 unit for your PW major. Remember that 1 unit is the equivalent of 3 courses.
  • One 4/3-unit interdisciplinary MQP that satisfies both majors. In this option, you would have two advisors, one for each major, but you would only work on one MQP project. That project would be spread out over the equivalent of four courses instead of three.

MQP Resources

  • Previous Professional Writing MQPs
    • Refer to these as examples of possible projects.
  • Professional Writing MQP Advisors
    • Use this list to identify faculty members who might serve as your MQP advisor.
  • MQP Resources & FAQs
    • Consult this page for additional guidance about planning your MQP.