PW Inquiry Seminars and Practicums

See HUA’s complete listing for information on PW-related inquiry seminars and practicums. These seminars and practicums will fulfill the HUA requirement for students who are focused on professional writing as their depth. While the same seminars and practicums are not necessarily offered every year, the following list shows some we have offered that relate specifically to professional writing:

  • Inquiry Seminar: Rhetoric and Motivation in Exercise Physiology
  • Inquiry Seminar: Human Factors of Medicine
  • Inquiry Seminar: Robots, AI and Ethics
  • Inquiry Seminar: Writing about Social Media
  • Inquiry Seminar: Hashtag Activism
  • Practicum: Writing for the Software and Electronics Industries
  • Practicum: Writing Software Tutorials
  • Practicum: Writing for the Web