Email Moderation

The SGA President moderates dl-allstudents, dl-students,dl-undergraduates, dl-seniors, dl-juniors, dl-sophomores, and dl-freshmen. When you send an email to one of those aliases it goes to the SGA President for approval. The President has the following guidelines for approving emails:

  • The content of the email must apply to all students on the alias. Only one email will be approved with the same subject.
  • Types of emails that are typically approved are class and workshop announcements, important updates from the school, and some newsletters.
  • Types of emails that are typically not approved are, emails that have already been sent out once, IQP and MQP surveys, most events, and major-specific programs and opportunities. In these cases we would suggest sending the email out through major aliases or creating an event on MyWPI.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to

Please note that if an email is not approved, the President will do their best to get back to you with clarification for the rejection. However this is not always possible with the amount of requests received.

Thank you,

Michaela Cluett
34th SGA President