Financial Board Mission Statement

The mission of the SGA Financial Board is to allocate funds from the Student Life Fee to promote student involvement by reducing financial barriers. The Board aims to allow students to pursue passions and connect with the community around them. The Board’s decisions are made in accordance with SGA Bylaws and based upon the purpose of the club and proposed event. The Board also evaluates additional factors such as other events on campus and the cost per student. The Board strives to be transparent and encourages open communication with the student body.


Troy Mullenberg
Graduation Year: 2023
Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering and Data Science
Hometown: Fargo, ND


Fiscal Responsibility and Assistance Chair
Aidan Burns
Graduation Year: 2024
Major: Data Science
Hometown: Scituate, MA


Appropriations Chair
Tera Keang
Graduation Year: 2024
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Hometown: Westford, MA



Michael Geary
Graduation Year: 2023
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Financial Cluster Goals

  1. Increase financial transparency
  2. Educate campus on how SGA financials work
  3. Improve financial planning and tracking

How to receive SGA minutes

Email and ask to be added to the minutes alias

SGA Financial Information

  • Club Budgets (coming soon)
  • Funding Requests (coming soon)
  • Mandatory Transfers (coming soon)
  • SGA Operating Account (coming soon)

Club Financial Requests

Please download and use the appropriate template for your club’s preferred financial request.

Past Projects

  • Club Audits
  • Improving Financial Tracking
  • Financial Record Keeping
  • Financials 101

Current Projects

  • SGA Financials Canvas Module
  • Analyzing Fiscal Trends
  • Increasing SGA’s Financial Transparency
  • FY21 Budgeting

Future Projects

  • Analyzing SAO Policies
  • Educating Campus on SGA Financials
  • Utilizing SGA’s Website for SGA Financials


Financial Board Inititatives