Our Work

SGA consists of 3 main clusters. Within these clusters, there are three Chair positions that maintain active projects in Senate. Every Senator is responsible for working on at least one project each term. If you’d like to learn more or want to get involved, reach out to a Senator or Chair. You can also visit our projects page for more information.

Student Services Cluster

The student services cluster is overseen by the Vice President of SGA. These Senators work towards improving campus both in student life and academics.  This cluster also plans events for students such as homecoming and maintains superfans.

Internal Services Cluster

The internal services cluster is overseen by the Secretary of SGA. These Senators work on improving transparency between SGA and campus through social media and our website. This cluster also oversees SGA’s internal audit and strategic plan.

Financials Cluster

The financials cluster is headed by the SGA Treasurer. This consists of a group of 15 Senators that oversee budgets, funding requests, and financial decisions for WPI’s 200+ clubs and organizations.