How is Senate Currently Structured?

SGA is directed by the President. The President is head of the Executive Board and Cabinet (Executive Board + Chairs).  The Senate Chair moderates discussion in general body meetings and leads everyone through the agenda items.

The Executive Board is made up of the President, Vice President (VP), Secretary, Treasurer, and Senate Chair. The President, VP, Secretary, and Treasurer are publicly elected by the WPI Undergraduate Student Body, while the Senate Chair is internally voted in by Senators.

The Treasurer heads the Financial Cluster which includes the Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability (FRA) Chair,  Appropriations Chair, Fiscal Education (FED) Chair and Accountant.

The VP heads the Student Services Cluster which includes the Student Affairs (SA) Chair & Community Outreach (CO) Chair.

The Secretary heads the Internal Services Cluster which includes the Internal Affairs (IA) Chair, Tech Coordinator, and the Internal and External Marketing Chairs.