Fiscal Responsibility and Assistance


Individual Club Audits:
Project Lead: Elizabeth Hicks

Continuing off previous years, the Financials cluster will offer guidance to new club treasurers in order to improve the budgeting/financial experience. Senators came up with a process in two parts: the constituent portion and the FRA chair portion, allowing for a comprehensive analysis in order to give recommendations. At the beginning of each spring semester all clubs will be undergoing this auditing process to aid and streamline the financial process on both sides.

Financials 101-101:
Project Leads: Elizabeth Hicks, Tera Keang

The Financials 101-101 project stemmed from Senate wanting to be more transparent with campus. This team has manually gone through all of SGA’s financial documents and created an infographic consolidating this data into a much more readable format. We will be updating this information every year.