Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Constructed in 1858, the Bass Harbor light station was transferred to the National Park Service under the authority of the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000 (NHLPA). As stewards for the Lighthouse, Acadia seeks to establish a comprehensive management plan that addresses visitor safety, how to improve the visitor experience, public access, parking, and how the Park intends to protect and reuse the important resources at the lighthouse.

The 2022 WPI Bass Harbor Lighthouse team will access big data on transportation in the area, as well as gather substantial data through on-the-ground monitoring methods. This ground truth would be collected through a variety of methods including direct observation, questioners, surveys, image analysis, remote sensing, etc. Of particular interest is gaining an understanding of both vehicle mobility, pedestrian movement, and length of stay (dwell time) in the Bass Harbor Lighthouse area. The goal is to collect and analyze data relevant to establishing an efficient reservation system at the Bass Harbor Lighthouse.